Wi-Fi hotspot and internet-enabled applications emerge as the most desired features among car buyers

Three out of four consumers consider connected car services an important feature in their next car purchase, a study has revealed.

In a survey of car buyers, 78% of global respondents said they would delay a purchase by one year to buy a car with connected car services from their preferred brand.

The term ‘connected car’, as defined in the study by AT&T and Ericsson, is one equipped with a wireless internet connection that allows applications to run from the dashboard.

These applications include the ability to stream music services and internet radio, use navigation services with real-time traffic updates, conduct local searches, and use restaurant services.

The connectivity also allows the car to operate as a Wi-Fi hotspot, sharing a wireless internet connection with other devices in the car.

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Nearly two thirds (62%) of survey respondents were aware of the term ‘connected car’, while a Wi-Fi hotspot was ranked as the number-one desired feature among car buyers.

“For the second year in a row, we are witnessing a growing trend where consumers in different parts of the world are not only increasingly aware of the term “connected car”, but they are placing greater importance on connected car features and services,” said Orvar Hurtig, head of industry and society at Ericsson.

Chris Penrose, senior VP of Internet of Things at AT&T Mobility, added: “It’s great to see that more drivers understand what a connected car enables them to do. With this increased awareness, we believe you’ll see adoption of integrated wireless connectivity in the car continue to take off.”

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