Windows 7 to boost tech economy

Market research company IDC is predicting strong sales of Microsoft’s Windows 7 on the back of delayed upgrades due to recurrent dissatisfaction with Windows Vista, tipping 177 million units sold by the end of next year.

Moreover, the analyst firm estimates that for every dollar spent on the operating system, the wider IT ecosystem will benefit to the tune of $18.52.

The launch of Windows 7 will also create 300,000 new jobs related to client operating systems, a full 30% of expected total growth in IT employment for 2010.

“The impact of Windows 7 will reach far beyond Microsoft, driving revenues and growth for many of the IT companies in Europe that sell hardware, write software, provide IT services or serve as IT distribution channels,” IDC said.

“This growth will do its bit to help the region’s economies climb out of the current economic crisis.”

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