Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service released

The latest expansion of Adobe Experience Cloud will allow users to release personalised content within weeks as opposed to months.

This will be available to companies of all sizes and within B2B and B2C spheres.

Features available on Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service will include cloud-based applications such as Ad Cloud, offered for the purpose of advertising, Analytics Cloud for managing customer data, and Magneto Commerce, which allows for real-time promotion of products.

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The new software will run with Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI customer service program, at its core, allowing for automatic tagging of images and videos.

Also leveraged will be services relating to offer management, customer journey analytics and destinations, among other aspects.

As a whole, the service is expected to offer improved customer experience for the growing proportion of online shoppers using mobile devices as opposed to computers.

“Companies can now supercharge how they create, manage and deliver campaigns, digital assets and experiences with Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service,” said Paul Robson, president of international at Adobe. “As business models and customer expectations continue to change, it is essential for companies to create stand-out customer experiences, faster than ever.”

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Users of Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service will also make an omnichannel process available which caters to the user’s sites, assets, customer forms and dynamic screens. This means that channels across multiple brands can be worked on simultaneously.

Ben Snyder, IT product owner at early Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service users UnderArmour, said: “When the opportunity arose to become an early adopter of Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service, we jumped at the chance due to the scalability of the offering.

“Integration has been seamless. Already our digital asset manager is running on cloud service and the time to upload our new season assets has been massively reduced.”

Under Armour, along with other pilot customers such as Esri and, have reported a 40% increase in admin efficiency, as well as a 20% increase in author productivity.

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