NSPCC appoints Greig Sharman as first-ever CTO

New CTO Sharman, who will also sit on the executive board at NSPCC, joins from the University of Leeds, where he held the roles of IT executive and deputy director of information technology.

Sharman will oversee the integration of modern digital capabilities into the organisation’s future strategy, and ensure that the charity makes best use of emerging technologies.

The new hire is the latest in series of board-level recruitment at the NSPCC, as the charity aims to continue overcoming challenges brought by the pandemic, and inspire more people across the UK to help prevent abuse and neglect.

Sharman has previously worked across multiple sectors, including higher education, healthcare, pharmaceutical, finance, and manufacturing.

Rising demand

NSPCC’s new Technology Directorate, which will bring together information technology, supporter data and digital production teams, has been formed to help the company drive services at scale and meet increasing demand.

The charity has warned that the pandemic has taken its toll on children, following frequent calls to Childline revealing much uncertainty and worry.

Alongside this is the fear among the NSPCC’s frontline teams that risk of abuse and neglect has increased, with young people out of sight and cut off from their usual support networks, but the organisation aims to reach more of those in need by evolving its tech capabilities.

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“I am both delighted and feel a great sense of privilege to be joining the NSPCC at this time,” said new NSPCC CTO Sharman.

“I am very much looking forward to working with an amazing new team so we can shape technology and broaden our digital capabilities, to enable our staff and continue the great work that is done by the NSPCC.”

Peter Wanless, chief executive at the NSPCC, commented: “We see time and again how technology is influencing pretty much everything we do in a fundamental way, and I am looking forward to welcoming Greig as our first chief technology officer.

“Greig will help us integrate this perspective across all our work to help ensure what we offer is relevant to how we live our lives now and into the future, whether through our services for young people or how we raise essential funds to fuel the impact we seek.”

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