Optimising IT by eradicating infrastructure sprawl

In a move to carry out accelerated digital transformation during the pandemic, organisations have looked to add to their network. But without properly monitoring how these additions will benefit the IT environment, infrastructure sprawl can set in, holding operations back and slowing them down. You may find that endpoints are being under-utilised, which can deplete your IT efficiency.

Even with homegrown monitoring tools, the picture of how the IT environment will work going forward can be inaccurate, and companies commonly find themselves working in silos, which further adds to the issue of sprawling.

Along with monitoring performance in real-time when adding new components, it’s common for companies to turn to the cloud for enhanced data scalability and security. But with so many service tiers available these days, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your budget.

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Making the right investment is crucial. Not only must the tools can provide a true perspective of how your IT infrastructure will perform going forward, but the process of moving data between on-prem and the cloud must be carried out as securely as possible, and with budgets likely to be limited due to the pandemic, organisations can’t afford to overspend at the risk of losing out on value. A focus is needed on balancing cost and service, while mitigating risk, and risks to consider range from the incremental (such as system upgrades and patches), to the more serious (such as downtime due to a hardware upgrade, or a slowing down of service due to a application code upgrade).

Performance management and monitoring

Foglight Evolve from Quest monitors all of your IT infrastructure, from off-prem to the cloud, in order to ensure unrivalled visibility. Your IT can be optimised by carrying out effective migration to and from the cloud, while cost models for available ecosystems, such as AWS and Azure, are accessible to ensure that your budget is suitable for the desired process. Additionally, using Foglight, you can determine how suitable a cloud migration would be for optimising workloads.

Ideal for hybrid environments, Foglight Evolve consists of three products, which can either be used together or individually, depending on the needs of the business:

  • Foglight Evolve Cloud, a cloud migration tool that simplifies the process, and adds predictability by showing you costs, as well as current and future performance;
  • Foglight Evolve Monitor, which oversees and optimises infrastructure performance, providing users with more time to focus on innovation;
  • Foglight Evolve Operate, which enables users to unlock hidden resources by shifting compute power and resources that are already at the company’s disposal, and as a result improving performance and saving costs.

By leveraging accurate visibility of migration, performance and costs, organisations can ensure that the network is working to its full potential, and that any further deployments can be added without the possibility of sprawl.

Going all-in on cloud optimisation

When planning and setting in motion cloud deployment, it is vital that the best possible visibility capabilities are put in place for first-time success to be realised. With any mistakes being potentially costly, especially during these uncertain times, the right monitoring and optimisation tools will ensure that infrastructure sprawl is avoided, and the network’s operations remain efficient.

Going all-in on the cloud using providers such as AWS and Azure is a major commitment and can prove challenging for the workforce. The dynamics within the IT team are likely to change, spelling the need for a change in mentality. Also, cloud providers will reward companies that optimise how its applications use cloud resources, while penalising those that don’t.

But using Foglight Evolve, the transition process can be smoothened, with the peace of mind that comes with accurate visibility and predictability for the present and future.

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Choose accurate, real-time visibility

You cannot afford to be kept in the dark about how your IT infrastructure is performing. As you continue to enhance this to keep up with the competition, by adding new elements and moving data to and from the cloud, any decision’s value must be determined as quickly as possible. Foglight Evolve from Quest can enable added flexibility and exact, up-to-the-minute visibility, and maximise the chance of success from your cloud migrations.

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