Payments technology

The future of biometric payments

Nearly 90% of consumers are excited about using biometrics, such as fingerprints or facial scans, when paying for things. The consensus is that they’re safer and easier to use than passwords. We go behind the technology of biometric payments

Payments technology

Future of payments technology

Consumers demand speed, convenience and security when it comes to payments, which puts technology in the driving seat

Cloud & Edge Computing

Securing enterprise cloud with biometrics


What will it take to stop fraud in the metaverse?


The difference between physical and behavioural biometrics, and which you should be using


How cryptocurrency wallets can be safeguarded through biometrics

Major Contracts

NorthRow to leverage iProov biometric identity verification


How much do behavioural biometrics improve cyber security?

Business & Strategy

From zero UI to omnichannel: redefining next-gen UI

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Biometrics and the Law: how the California Consumer Privacy Act fits into the bigger picture

Cyber Innovation

Tech Nation’s cyber security cohort: My1Login company profile

Cyber Innovation

Tech Nation’s cyber security cohort: iProov’s company profile