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Emerging Technology & Innovation

UK innovation lags behind global counterparts despite funding plans

According to Fujitsu research, 75 per cent of UK businesses accept that they won’t compete with international innovation leaders until the end of the decade


Preparing for post-quantum in 10 steps

With post-quantum technology having the potential to trigger a new wave of cyber threats, we identify 10 steps that organisations should take to prepare

Communications & Networking

Ushering in an era of pervasive intelligence, powered by 6G

Exploring how the 6G era of revolutionary cloud-integrated networks will allow businesses to leverage unprecedented levels of insights.

Emerging Technology & Innovation

Emerging sustainable technologies – expert predictions

Emerging Technology & Innovation

TCS and AWS partner to launch enterprise quantum services

Releases & Updates

Gartner reveals top strategic tech trends for CIOs to watch in 2023


WIT USA Q&A: Work to be done regarding tech inclusivity

Business & Strategy

Q&A: IDC research manager on how quantum will transform business

Emerging Technology & Innovation

Quantum Machines partners with ORCA to build Israeli Quantum Computing Centre

Communications & Networking

NATO successfully tests communication over post-quantum VPN

Emerging Technology & Innovation

New London quantum lab aims to build world’s most powerful computer

Emerging Technology & Innovation

How quantum computing is helping businesses to meet objectives