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Payments technology

The future of biometric payments

Nearly 90% of consumers are excited about using biometrics, such as fingerprints or facial scans, when paying for things. The consensus is that they’re safer and easier to use than passwords. We go behind the technology of biometric payments

Payments technology

What’s the future of wearable payment devices?

The global market for wearable payment technology is expected to be worth $137bn by 2030, whether that’s using smartwatches, bracelets, jewellery – or even having a chip embedded under you skin

Payments technology

Future of payments technology

Consumers demand speed, convenience and security when it comes to payments, which puts technology in the driving seat

Financial Services

How Buy Now Pay Later technology works

Providers such as Klarna and Zilch are worth billions due to their accurate lending decision making. The reason? Artificial intelligence, a hundred or more data sources, and nudge theory. Charles Orton-Jones goes under the bonnet of Buy Now Pay Later


UK in the top 3 for cashless technology uptake

Consumer Electronics & Mobile

The rise of mobile payments reaching a tipping point?

Mobile payments are rising in popularity, and reaching a tipping point in some countries - report from ACI Worldwide finds.

Consumer Electronics & Mobile

Digital payments are key to the spending habits of the millennial generation

Consumer Electronics & Mobile

Alipay taking aim at US mobile payments market


UK on the verge of becoming a cashless society

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Remittance and mobile payment services provide financial identity

Consumer Electronics & Mobile

Is the mobile the future of payments?


Mobile payments to digitise India’s economy