Is ‘Right to Repair’ right for industry?

Business & Strategy

B2B subscription revenue growth in Europe surpasses North America

Smart Cities

How smart cities will transform your organisation

As part of Information Age's Smart City Month, we look at how different organisations are amending their businesses to deal with smart cities.


Taking a Franklin approach to understanding business value

Consumer Electronics & Mobile

Grover raises €37 million to offer “pay-as-you-go” consumer tech

Construction & Civil Engineering

Connecting whilst building – benefits of the IoT in construction

Business & Strategy

Will Spotify solidify the popularity of subscription-based businesses?

Legislation & Regulation

Brexit White Paper: techUK calls for clarity on digital services


The rise of subscription billing in software and digital services


Reinventing the wheel – servitization and the automotive industry

As automobile manufacturers continue to wrap subscriptions around their products, Information Age analyses servitization and the automotive industry and what it means for IT.

Smart Cities

Dr Ayesha Khanna: smart cities and human-centricity

Dr Ayesha Khanna, Co-founder and CEO of ADDO AI, Singapore, spoke about how human-centricity is key to their success for smart cities at the Fujitsu World Tour in Stockholm earlier this week.