The Uboro tracking app for cars

Many special tracking apps are installed on smartphones to help other people (parents, significant others, employers, etc.) to learn the location of others inconspicuously. Wait a minute! We just forgot about the very first and direct function of GPS location – tracking of cars and other vehicles.

GPS Location of Vehicles with the Help of Uboro

An ordinary user may easily find a great number of spying apps for different smartphones in the Internet, but it can be very difficult to find tracking software for cars if necessary. Moreover, it was almost impossible to find a high-quality tracking solution uniting these two options – GPS location of cars and smartphones. Fortunately, nowadays, there is a perfect way out for those who want to find a universal solution – the Uboro GPS locator. This app will be able to solve all user’s problems with special software for track location of both smartphones and vehicles.

Advantages of Uboro for car tracking are:

  • The opportunity of multi-map tracking enabling the user to monitor the location of several vehicles at once.
  • The opportunity of installation on different GPS devices: from smartphones up to special car GPS trackers.
  • The use of cloud database to save necessary information easily and quickly.
  • The opportunity to receive information from fuel, temperature, and other sensors remotely.
  • Features for remote fuel consumption monitoring.
  • Detailed real-time tracking with information about the exact address of the vehicle under tracking, its speed, fuel consumption, the way of driving, etc.
  • 90-days free trial will help you to evaluate the interface and functionality of Uboro.

Certainly, all above-mentioned advantages make the Uboro app one of the best solutions on the GPS tracking market. Moreover, there are many other useful functions developed by the app’s designers right now.

How to Use Uboro for Car Tracking?

The use of the Uboro tracking app is simple. It is possible to use it in two different ways:

  1. by installing it on the smartphone
  2. by integrating it into a special GPS tracker for cars and other vehicles.

The first way is universal, while the latter one will give you many additional features such as an opportunity to monitor fuel consumption, and information from other indicators in a particular vehicle.

Hence, Uboro is a unique program combining different approaches to GPS location so that the user will get as much information as possible while locating a certain car. The sphere of its use will give many opportunities to business owners to improve their logistics, reduce costs for fuel consumption, etc. It is incredible that all these functions are embedded into one and the same tracking app. Moreover, Uboro gives an opportunity of direct contact with developers. Start using your free 90-days trial to see what Uboro has in store for your transportation business!

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