5 instagram add-ons e-commerce vendors love

Part of this is because there are now so many useful tools that help people monetise their Instagram profiles. It’s also due to the fact Instagram users are highly responsive to advertised content. About 75 percent of users act after looking at an ad on Instagram.

That’s engagement your online store can use to bolster sales. Here are five Instagram add-ons that e-commerce vendors love.


There’s a reason why over one million brands and influencers are using Later. Consistency is a major issue that hinders social media growth for a lot of businesses.

This is where Later can really help out. The Later platform allows users to schedule and plan posts through a highly visual, intuitive layout. It’s now possible to do bulk uploads and organize posts in one go, which saves store owners time on managing their account.


Many aspects of Iconosquare make it a strong app for anyone trying to boost their brand’s Instagram presence. It has a broad range of functions – all extremely helpful in building a productive Instagram image. Like Later, Iconosquare allows users to plan posts.

It also offers extensive analytics and lets you simultaneously manage multiple Instagram accounts. There is also an influencer marketing aspect to this tool. It helps users pair up with influencers who might match well with their brand. This platform can really help drive more sales to your cloud e-commerce store from social media.


It’s no secret that user-generated content is beneficial to social media marketing. Taggd makes this process easier than ever before.

Essentially, Taggd allows brands to efficiently search through user-generated content, which can then be integrated into on-brand posts. There are two main ways Tagged sifts through posts. First, it uses hashtags to find posts related to your brand.

It also leverages proprietary technology that can recognize your brand’s products in a picture. This tool then automatically prioritizes the highest quality photos so you don’t have to spend any extra time finding the perfect user-generated content.


Scoutsee is a remarkable tool because it allows influencers to easily build shop-friendly posts on their Instagram accounts. While this may seem more beneficial to influencers over sellers at first glance, it’s actually quite valuable.

Scoutsee makes it incredibly simple for brands and influencers to enter into mutually beneficial partnerships. Scoutsee also helps ecommerce vendors see which of their influencer partnerships are driving the most sales. This gives store owners the flexibility to seamlessly move resources to top sellers.

When technology enables influencers to better sell to customers, it ultimately pays off for the brands giving them products.

Shoppable Instagram by Foursixty

There are few tools out there that can compete with Foursixty’s Shoppable Instagram app. This add-on allows vendors to seamlessly integrate their Instagram profile with their cloud e-commerce store. You can make your posts shoppable, and they will automatically update to reflect the inventory status of your online store.

This is extremely convenient for sellers who are doing high-volume sales. This app also lets users create and embed shoppable Instagram galleries outside of Instagram or your e-commerce store. They can be incorporated into email marketing, other third-party campaigns. The ability to create and distribute shoppable Instagram galleries takes visual content to the next level.   

Instagram clearly has a bright future (and present) in the world of digital marketing. Make sure your ecommerce store takes advantage of its full potential.

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