The highest average tech job salaries in the UK revealed

IT industry researchers TechShielder has revealed the highest average tech job salaries currently offered across the UK, using Indeed's Salary Guide tool.

With the UK tech sector now worth over $1tn — only the third country to hit the financial milestone after China and the US — tech talent continues to be in high demand across the country.

The sector is having to evolve with changing customer and employee needs, and this has come with shifts in duties and responsibilities for tech leadership roles, as well as the establishment of new positions altogether.

“Tech jobs are in high demand. From coding to software design, data analysis and engineering, there are thousands of jobs in the UK within the tech industry,” said a TechShielder spokesperson.

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“Positions in tech tend to pay highly due to the specific skills and qualifications many of the roles require.

“Many positions require a degree qualification from a STEM subject (science, technology, engineering or mathematics), and some jobs require a postgraduate degree such as a master’s. If you’re looking to work within the tech sector, make sure to research the qualifications you will need to do so.”

In this article, we take a dive into the highest paid tech jobs in the UK, according to calculations of figures from employment website Indeed, carried out by IT researchers TechShielder.

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Senior software engineer

The role of the senior software engineer topped the list for highest average salary offered in the country, at £63,824.

Leading software development teams, this role entails design, development and installation of software solutions; and roll-out of information systems.

Typically, skills and qualifications needed include an appropriate Master’s degree, around 5+ years’ experience as a software engineer, programming skills and software design.

Operations engineer

Coming second on the list is the operations engineer; working to ensure all processes and functions under their control perform correctly and efficiently, the average expected salary for this role was calculated to be £61,745.

Duties include repairs and upgrades to machinery, and coordination with other department leaders to fine-tune operations systems.

Skills needed for the position include operations analysis, mechanical skills and troubleshooting.

Data engineer

With an average salary of £60,731, the data engineer is the third highest-paying tech job in the UK.

This position involves preparing data for analytical or operational uses, and building data pipelines to gather information from different source systems.

Developers across the tech stack

The fourth to eighth place slots on TechShielder’s list were occupied by developer roles, the salaries of which were all in the ballpark of £49,000-£58,000.

Back end developers, responsible for building and maintaining the mechanisms that process data and perform website actions, can expect to earn around £57,550.

Meanwhile, full stack developers overseeing assembly of both the front and back end of websites can earn around £56,915.

In sixth was the front end developer (£55,342); this position involves building the part of a website that audiences interact with rather than the back end of a website.

Below these, software developers can earn £55,015, and net developers can earn £52,677.

Find the full list of tech jobs and their average salaries, compiled by TechShielder, below:

Job titleAverage salary
Senior Software Engineer £63,824
Operations Engineer £61,745
Data Engineer £60,731
Back End Developer £57,550
Full Stack Developer £56,915
Front End Developer£55,342
Software Developer £55,015
Net Developer £52,677
Software Engineer £49,267
UX Designer £45,305


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