AI & Machine Learning

China advances its regulation of AI development

Governmental developments in Beijing are looking towards tightening AI regulation of tech vendors operating across China


There’s no smoke without fire: Will Asia dominate the future of R&D?

Business & Strategy

Driven by the success of tech giants, high tech consulting is on the rise

Emerging Technology & Innovation

China’s new cryptocurrency: is this the beginning of the end of dollar dominance?

Cloud & Edge Computing

Salesforce partners with Alibaba to tap into China’s booming cloud market


The Huawei situation: the legal and IP implications for businesses

AI & Machine Learning

China on verge of becoming global leader in AI research

Smart Cities

China’s top tech firms launch smart city initiative


The week in tech: Trump’s trade war and FakeApps

Cloud & Edge Computing

Alibaba Cloud solidify growth in EMEA with new partner programme

Alibaba Cloud aims to gain traction in EMEA through a partner programme, while designing bespoke products and services.

Tech Giants

Shenzhen: The next Silicon Valley?


The unhackable quantum communications system

China has just successfully tested - for the first time - its quantum communications system, which cannot be hacked.