AI & Machine Learning

AI-powered search launched by Neeva in Europe

The new AI-powered search service from ad-free platform vendor Neeva will allow European users to leverage search results backed by linked sources, following a US pilot

Data Protection & Privacy

What Neeva can offer to enterprise businesses

Legislation & Regulation

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA): what UK businesses need to know

IA spoke with legal expert Robert Cattanach from Dorsey & Whitney to learn how the CCPA and GDR differ and what UK companies should know.

Data Protection & Privacy

New report slates Apple and Google for allowing unsafe free VPN apps posing privacy risk

Cyber Innovation

Why enterprises need messaging apps that go beyond encryption


Are government-mandated encryption backdoors dangerous?


Is it time we raised expectations of politicians on cyber security?

Data Protection & Privacy

Online privacy concerns in a post-Cambridge Analytica scandal era

Data Protection & Privacy

We risk a digital crisis in 2019 akin to the 2008 banking crisis, warns data privacy lawyer


Blockchain and privacy: Can a form of distributed ledger solve the problem of privacy?

We should own our data, maybe a distributed ledger could provide the answer, as companies ask permission to access it.

Legislation & Regulation

Big tech wants to “clean-up” California’s new privacy law

IoT and M2M

Privacy and authentication in the Internet of Things