Payments technology

What’s the future of wearable payment devices?

The global market for wearable payment technology is expected to be worth $137bn by 2030, whether that’s using smartwatches, bracelets, jewellery – or even having a chip embedded under you skin

Hardware & Peripherals

The importance of wearable hardware in the enterprise

Business & Strategy

What will it take for Google’s acquisition of Fitbit to be a success?

Hardware & Peripherals

Spending on wearable devices to total $52 billion by 2020: Gartner

Releases & Updates

Gartner’s top predictions for IT organisations and users in 2020 and beyond

Case Studies

Fitbit: from start-up to global health phenomenon

Business Skills

Fitbit CTO: from start-up to lifestyle choice

Consumer Electronics & Mobile

The mobile phone is dying

Digital Transformation

The workplace provides the perfect fit for wearable technology

Consumer Electronics & Mobile

LPWA networks and wearables: A winning combination

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Top 7 trends in healthcare app development

Healthcare app development has surged in recent years, helping both patients and doctors.

AI & Machine Learning

The impact of the Internet of Things